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Abatement Using Raptors: Beaches/ HOA/ Schools

Abatement means the use of trained raptors to flush, haze, or take birds (or other wildlife where allowed) to mitigate depredation problems, including threats to human health and safety. Any take of protected migratory birds by an abatement permit holder must be authorized by a Federal depredation order or depredation permit. Most recently, in 2013, upon completion of our summer beach project we transformed one of the most polluted beaches in California into one of the cleanest as verified by two independent water quality testing organizations. We have shown that we are able to selectively haze the larger seagulls while showing zero impact on the small shore birds by picking the right bird for the job.

Abatement Using Raptors: Golf Courses and Hotel Resorts

Coots, geese, and ducks cause thousands of dollars of turf damage every year. By applying constant pressure on these birds we have successfully encouraged these birds to relocate which has significantly reduce the number of birds on the lakes and has made the golfers and vacationing guests stays much more enjoyable.

Abatement Using Raptors: Crop Protection

Harvest time attracts a number of pest birds such as starlings and sparrows. These birds are hard-wired to be afraid of predators and as such falcons can be deployed to protect grapes, blueberries, and cherries to ensure a more successful harvest.

Abatement Using Raptors: Landfills

We have successfully reduced a seagull population of 5000 gulls to a much more manageable group of several hundred in less than one year. This has been verified by independent government agencies by their bird count. Due to the close proximity to the beach the challenge is to control fresh groups of gulls throughout the day. This facility also has a large population of pigeons, crows, and starlings.