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At Adam's Falconry Service, we are focused on providing pest bird control services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Please feel free to contact us with your questions. 

Adam Chavez, MBA, the owner of Adam's Falconry Service has been practicing falconry since 1975.  Adam is currently the Vice President for the California Hawking Club. Adam is also the Director-at-Large for the North American Falconers’ Association.

Adam has participated in and judged numerous sky trial competitions. 

To date, Adam has personally trained 18 apprentice falconers. Some of his projects include: resorts, agriculture,HOA's,golf courses,beaches, landfills, transfer stations, and corporate parks.

Dylan Chavez is a second generation falconer who has grown up his whole life around raptors. He prefers the micro falconry which means flying the small birds of prey. He will use his apprenticeship to work with a Kestrel before transitioning to fly a Merlin which is what he wants to do. He will also help out with the family bird abatement business earning extra money for college in the summer time.

Raymond Guzman is a Master Falconer with over 30 years experience. Raymond is also a 2nd generation falconer learning the art from his father who is still an active falconer to this day. Raymond has flown a variety of raptors that are used in falconry and abatement. Raymond has mainly focused on the Goshawk. He like the challenge of working with this somewhat difficlut raptor. The Goshawk seems to give him the most joy to work with, all though he likes them all. Raymond started doing abatement work in the early 2000's at ahotel keeping Seagulls at bay and a vineyard keeping starlings and other small birds from eating the grapes. We are glad to have such a great and knowledgeable falconer on the team here at Adam's Falconry Service.

Paul Perez's passion for training animals began at a young age with training Quarter horses. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Systems and Operations Management from California State University, Paul began his professional career in a state of the art landfill and resource recovery facility. Paul learned the art of falconry while working with the falconer at a site with a seagull problem. This relationship aroused an interest in exploring bird abatement using raptors. Paul has since obtained extensive experience in bird abatement in both agricultural and commercial settings. In addition to falconry Paul is also a licensed trapper and is experienced in wildlife control scenarios.  

Evan Duran is a General Falconer who has spent the last two years focusing on thermalling and slope soaring Red Tails. Lately he has been working with a Peregrine and some Harris Hawks controlling the seagull population at a landfill and transfer station.

Christian Karapetian is a 2nd year apprentice who is gaining his experience with a Kestrel Falcon. He is currently aspiring to work with large falcons to control nuisance birds from landfills. He also spends his free time with Evan slope soaring a cast of Red Tailed Hawks.

Greg Rohmer is a 2nd year apprentice who is following his lifelong passion for birds of prey.  He is eager to start training with his first Red Tailed Hawk.  He assists with the Falconry Demonstrations, and works with a Harris Hawk in keeping pest birds away from the outdoor dining area of a local beach resort.

David Feliciano is an apprentice class falconer and has been passionate about animals since he was a young boy. He grew up around large parrots, and took a strong interest in birds and reptiles. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Cal State Long Beach in Geography with an environmental science emphasis. He understands the positive impact nuisance species abatement has on the environment and is excited to learn the art of falconry. David also has volunteer experience in animal husbandry and education at the Aquarium of the Pacific where he developed a passion for educating the public about animals and environmental issues. David has professional experience training dogs and large parrots. He is currently training his American Kestrel, Yeti, and is excited to become a part of the team. 

"Jennifer Stephenson is a General Falconer who has been practicing falconry for five years. Ever since she was a child Jenn has always had a love for animals. Jenn's experience comes from all types of animals ranging from eels to birds and reptiles. But she has always had a strong passion for birds of prey. Jenns originally got into falconry for the love of working with raptors but she later turned it into a career. Jenn has years of experience providing bird abatement services at some of southern California's top resorts." Jenn also has her Education Permit.

Timothy J. Browne is a Master Falconer with over 30 years of experience handling and training raptors. His passion for the sport of falconry started at the age of 14. His skills include working with all raptors from American Kestrels to the Golden Eagle, including a background in wildlife management. Tim has dealt with all varieties of problem wildlife including most mammals, insects, and birds.  His knowledge of wildlife, habitat and animal behavior, in conjunction with his acute falconry experience, allows him to assess and approach each situation, and apply proper falconry based abatement techniques best suited for the situation.

Tom Havelka got hooked on Falconry back in 1968 when he started with a Kestrel. Tom now breeds Harris Hawks which he has used to help local farmers chase rabbits and birds out of a variety of crops. He has also worked at Landfills and Resorts chasing away seagulls and small pest birds with his team of Aplomado Falcons and Jack Russell. Tom has also donated his time to rehabilitate rescued  injured peregrine falcons.Tom has done a good job working with the public and is very respectful toward the clients wishes. He recently sold his battery shop in Santa Maria after 30 years  and is now looking forward to continuing has falconry abatement career fulltime in his next chapter in his life.

Sammy Holloway is a Master Falconer who has been practicing falconry for over 30 years. Sammy's experience includes protecting blueberry crops in Washington, seagull abatement at the beach, and at the landfill controlling the following pest birds: seagulls, pigeons, crows, and starlings.

Chris Allen is a Master Falconer with over 30 years of experience. Chris has participated in our water quality improvement project at the beach. By removing the nuisance seagulls we were able to restore the water quality to acceptable levels as well as improve the public's health and safety at this location. Chris is well known as one of the premiere small birds of prey falconers.

Peter Marino is a Master Falconer who has worked at several landfills and has experience with Saker Falcons and Harris Hawks. Peter was instrumental at reducing a flock of 5000 gulls down to a very manageable flock of several hundred. This was accomplished at one of the most difficult landfills to work in Southern California due to its proximity to the coast which attracts fresh groups of gulls throughout the day coming in from different locations to try and find a snack.

Al Hodges is a 2nd year apprentice to his son Kyle Hodges is a master falconer  who Adam sponsored. After 4 years in the Marine Corps and 31 years as a Union Carpenter Al retired. Encouraged by his son he has worked at various landfills and transfer stations. Al is currently training a male Redtail Hawk named Hacksaw.